June 12: We Are Provoked – Iboro Otu

Now that they have scattered our youths accross the nation and we have become a global butt-of-jokes from restivness, impunity, banditry, to terrorism and all other negative vibes, are our leaders happy? A nation that sees its youth as a problem than opportunity. A republic of 200 million whose young people make 80% of its population but has chosen to leave its mainstay and future – 160 million people – behind. A nation that would rather build on past glories by running faster backwards, chasing black gold – a near obsolete liquid which in every sense of the word is now illiquid, than running forward towards investing in contemporary science, technologies of the future and human capital development.

The world has advanced into a future our leaders can no longer comprehend. They cannot discern it of course because the velocity of change is also moving biologically, alongside scientific and logical speed, hence moving faster than they can catch up. It is a generational race. The world today is leveraging youth knowledge, power and innovation. From alternative energy to blockchain technology, human capital development and resource – an asset we have an abundance of – is now ever more important than natural mineral resources, in a world where value is quickly becoming intangible.

Political elitism and vain aggrandizement without underpinning legitimacy has left our rulers completely out of touch and years of misrule and neglect are finally coming to the head. Our population imbalance coupled with the effect of Covid-19 on our now lean economic position has exposed the true situation of the world’s once happiest people; and there is nothing to be happy about.

We are provoked. As a generation connected to the world through twitter, we witness what is happening in saner climes in countries that have way less than us in natural resources but in the hands of responsible governments. We are provoked because we recognize wrong decisions taken at every turn and are feeling the impact on us and on and the coming generation. We are provoked because we have solutions and capabilities but the system has refused to entertain or support us. We are provoked because we recognize government policies formulated specifically to gag youth power and mitigate its race to take on political leadership positions. Why should we not be provoked?

The political conversations of North and South, referendum and restructuring, important as they may seem and to whatever interests they may serve, are overpowered by the urgent need for social transformation and economic prosperity of the younger generation.

We protest because we deserve a different kind of leadership, a leadership the present ruling class cannot provide or understand. A people friendly and community centred leadership, one that recognises that comprehensive health coverage for all, relevant education across board, food security, access to tools and opportunities offered through the internet are basic starting points, data driven leadership that embraces youth and innovation beyond lip service. Leadership of the people, by the people, for the people.

Now that things have all come full circle and as young people can connect the dots, let’s also recognize that heaven only helps those who help themselves. Rather than continue to be pawns in this game of electoral transactions – use and dump, let’s utilize our numbers and own controlling shares in all political establishments.

Let us start early, street political mobilizations beyond the street protests. Let us translate street anger to street strategy. Yes, it is really that simple. If every protester also had a political WhatsApp group of 300 committed ‘friends’ and encouraged those friends to setup theirs on which political conversations were shared and maintained, the multiplier effect means the revolution we seek would’ve happened long ago without a single gunshot. It isn’t too late to get this started

2023 is that year!

What do you think?

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